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Your Mesothelioma Legal Rights
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Your Legal Rights

Corporations that manufacture asbestos products have known about the dangers of asbestos-related diseases for more than six decades. In an effort to increase profit, they kept this information quiet, putting workers and families at risk.

Asbestos Manufacturers: Profits Over Safety
It has been clearly established that many of the corporations which manufactured asbestos products in the 1940's, 50's, 60's and early 70's knew it was hazardous but kept this information secret, choosing profits over safety. Unfortunately, many corporations thought they would be able to cut corners and make a large profit at the expense of endangering workers.

Despite the warnings, the industry made billions of dollars manufacturing asbestos insulation for almost every building, industrial site, home, school, ship, car, plane, pipe, etc. in America. Many construction workers and industrial tradesmen prior to the mid-1970's were exposed to dangerous levels of asbestos, which they inhaled, as asbestos insulation was being cut, sawed, mixed or sprayed. These workers were never warned about the dangers of asbestos and considered it harmless. They were never given masks or ventilation, nor were dust counts ever taken.

In Search of Justice
As soon as people began to suspect that asbestos was causing illness and death in workers, something had to be done. The first asbestos lawsuits were filed in 1929 against irresponsible companies, and thousands of lawsuits followed in search of some form of restitution. Millions of dollars have been awarded to victims of Mesothelioma, and attorneys like the Mesothelioma attorneys in The Mesothelioma Lawyers Network continue to stand up for exploited workers.

The attorneys in The Mesothelioma Lawyers Network recover compensation from companies who manufactured various asbestos-containing products. The legal basis of these suits is the asbestos companies' failure to warn consumers and workers about the hazards of asbestos. It has been proven that some of these companies have known about the hazards of asbestos as far back as the 1920's. This has been established through internal company documents, through testimony of company employees, and through medical literature which they had access to. Because of companies’ irresponsible decisions to ignore the warnings, innocent people continue to lose their lives to Mesothelioma. The attorneys in The Mesothelioma Lawyers Network are fighting to hold these companies accountable.

Working with asbestos causes serious diseases. Fortunately, there are laws that help to protect those individuals that have been harmed by exposure to asbestos-related products. By holding the asbestos industry accountable, the experienced Mesothelioma attorneys in The Mesothelioma Lawyers Network help workers and their families recover compensation for Mesothelioma and other diseases and death caused by asbestos. Our goal is financial security for families.

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